A brief history ...

My name is Kirstin, and my interest is in creature/character-based animation and illustration. I am based in the posterchild fantasy film backdrop country, New Zealand.
I started out in a traditional animation studio, but as the environment became more and more computer based, I moved sideways into the digital field! The world of animation & visual effects has been a mainstay of my livelihood for the past 20 years.

This portfolio began as part of a project called "100 days", done in 2013, during a sabbatical from work. I've had a lifelong interest in the 'personal figment' characters that some people have, both written and visual.
It intrigues me on a psychological and emotional level, and of course I enjoy exploring this with my own - some of which are pushing into the realms of 30 years worth of percolation, themselves! The 100 days project was a reflection of one of those personal characters, and a great excuse to cut loose!

The medium of dip-pen and ink is one of my favourite means of articulating lines, and when the ink is cooperating, it's a really fun medium to draw with!

~ K.j. Wright.

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